Monday, January 3, 2011

Christmas recap

We did things a little different this year.

We relaxed.

As a family, we agreed to cut back this year, to not indulge in a frenzy of consumerism. Still, nine people plus just a couple of gift each from each person still makes for a heap of packages under the tree.

Miles and I did not stay up 'til all hours on Christmas Eve wrapping gifts. We were in bed (with a glass of champagne!) by 11pm. And since Cameron was at his mom's house*, we got to sleep in until 8am.

We leisurely opened some gifts, then packed up our show and headed to SLO.

By the late afternoon, we had all run out of gas. Even the dog.

*Cameron was up at 4am, trying to convince his mom it was time to open gifts.

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  1. wow, that pile is truly impressive. growing up, i always wanted to wake up Christmas morning and see a really huge stack of gifts. didn't happen. when i tried to do the same for Cal, I realized that she didn't care so much about the size of the pile, she just wanted to be surrounded by her family (who lives in different parts of the country). =)