Wednesday, January 12, 2011

On a go-forward basis

The media and politicians from across the spectrum have worked themselves into a froth over "violent imagery and rhetoric" in the wake of the shootings in Tuscon on Saturday. "Is violent speech a factor?" and "It's not our fault; the guy is nuts", etc. as the finger pointing and blame games continue.

Look, people. I don't give a damn what motivated the shooter. I don't want to hear any more hateful, disrespectful, or violent rhetoric. From anyone. Period.

Anyone who can't discuss their opinions or differences with some rational calm and a modicum of respect should not be listened to. Or given any air time or inches in print. No credence or value can be placed on the opinions of a person who cannot express them without resorting to hateful or violent speech. I think we can be justified in demanding a higher level of respect, and honestly, professionalism in our public servants and the Fourth Estate.

If they want us to listen, that is.


  1. And yet, you did give a damn when you wrote your first post. What changed?

  2. @ Anonymous: I guess, like a lot of people, I jumped to the conclusion that the shooting of a Congresswoman was a politically motivated act. I was angry about a culture that glorifies violence, desensitizes our citizens and demonstrates aggressive behavior as a way to solve problems.

    It has become increasingly clear the shooting in Tucson was largely precipitated by mental illness. But that doesn't mean that what passes for political discourse in America didn't have an effect.

    Can we really, in good conscience, continue to vilify our opponents or place gun sight cross hairs on political graphics? Just go back to business as usual? I don't think so.

    What I hope is the American people, in an emotional reaction to the murder of 6 people and the wounding of over a dozen others, will reject the culture of violence.

    I've got my fingers crossed.

  3. Better cross all those fingers (twice). Cause after a brief intermission it's going to be slander as usual (unfortunately)